June 15, 2016 News Press Release

Battleriff introduces Hearthstone to its platform

Gothenburg, Sweden – Battleriff Gaming AB, developing a platform where gamers of all skill levels can challenge each other, grow their skill and play for real money, proudly announces the introduction of Hearthstone to its platform.

From the 15th of June Hearthstone gamers can challenge each other for prize money on the Battleriff platform. The updated product version 0.9.3 contains support for Hearthstone challenges and a number of other new features that enhances the gaming experience. This new product version contains a game validation process that opens up for easy addition of other games irrespective of access to the game publishers’ API:s.

As a lead in the introduction of Hearthstone, Battleriff has acquired the Swedish Hearthstone tournament organizer Swecup. The acquisition is made through a new issue of shares directed to the owners of Swecup. Jens Strandell, who has been the manager of Swecup, will take up a position in Battleriff as Head of Tournaments and responsible for the non-technical aspects of Battleriff’s Hearthstone integration.

“I am impressed by the way Battleriff commits and dedicates to the DNA of Hearthstone. This integration to Battleriff will make the game much more interesting and will enhance the gaming experience. It also adds the possibility to improve your skills by challenging gamers that are above you in terms of ranking which is an exciting experience.”

Jens Strandell

Swecup is a pioneer in arranging Hearthstone tournaments with extensive experience and understanding of the Hearthstone community and with solid network connections both with players and the publisher. Swecup is accredited by Blizzard to host Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) tournaments.

“We look forward to welcome millions of Hearthstone players to our platform and trust that Battleriff will add a new dimension to the game”Battleriff CEO Mathias Lindmark.

Mathias Lindmark, Battleriff CEO