September 15, 2016 News Press Release

FIFA 16 is now live on Battleriff

It’s time for kick off

We’ve worked side by side with world champion Ivan “Boraslegend” Lapanje and together we’re really excited to be able to bring players from around the globe a world class social arena for competitive FIFA gaming.

“After a long summer of preparations we have finally launched FIFA 16 to our platform in preparation for the launch of FIFA 17… A long time in the FIFA gaming world have given me a lot of knowledge for what WE players need in order to have the perfect experience on a gaming website. I’ve shared all that knowledge and experienced with the rest of the Battleriff team with the aim of providing you with the best service possible. Battleriff is on the terms of the players. Welcome!”
– Ivan “Boraslegend” Lapanje

We will be running tests and campaigns throughout September to acquire new players and find the cheapest, most effective acquisition channels and target audiences. This will all serve as an important foundation from which to gain insights which will be crucial for us when scaling up our efforts for the big launch of FIFA 17 on Battleriff, when it’s released world wide on the 27th September.