November 3, 2016 News Press Release

Battleriff signs cooperation agreement with Orbit Esport

Battleriff Gaming AB has signed a cooperation Agreement with Orbit Esport AB whereby Orbit will assist in promoting and marketing of the Battleriff brand via Orbit’s various esports activities. Orbit will also assist Battleriff in operational matters.

Orbit was created in early 2012. Before that the people behind Orbit run the gaming community “Diversity”, which was a casual gaming community open for anyone. The change from a gaming community to a gaming club was based on a vision by Patrik Andersson (CEO of Orbit) to make an early step into the fast expanding esports market with an own esports organization.

Today Orbit manages and runs esports teams in Call of Duty, Rocket League and Smite and has ongoing negotiations with teams and players in various esports disciplines. Orbit aims at taking a significant market position as esports team owners and managers and is financially equipped for this purpose. Orbit’s webpage is

One of the major owners of Orbit is Jonas Sjögren who also is the main owner of the successful voice book enterprise Storytel which is publicly listed on the stock exchange Aktietorget in Sweden.

Orbit’s remuneration for its services under the cooperation agreement is paid in full by new issued shares in Battleriff. Orbit also participated in the recently conducted share issue in Battleriff. This combined means that Orbit now becomes around 10 % owner in Battleriff.

“We are excited over the possibilities that this agreement creates. Orbit’s market reach will help in further establishing the Battleriff brand in the esports world and prepare the market as we continue to open up our platform for new games, modes and territories. Furthermore, we can gain invaluable market insights from the skilled players in their team rosters.” – Elias Löfgren, Co-Founder & CMO of Battleriff.

Patrik Andersson, CEO of Orbit comments:

“We early identified esports as one of the fastest growing markets with huge potentials. To a certain extent esports overgrows traditional sports and represents a daily and natural element for the millennials and upcoming generations. To target and take part of this market represents tons of opportunities and challenges. Our belief is that Orbit’s participation in Battleriff will help them in creating a stable ground for their future expansion which we look forward to be involved in”

Torbjörn Vinsell, newly appointed CEO of Battleriff, summarizes:

We very much appreciate the input of esports know-how, experience and network that Orbit represents. Orbit will add a new element to our progress and help us in creating a faster growth of our business model”.