January 16, 2017 News Press Release

Battleriff Launches A Major Platform Update

We are very excited to announce the latest major release on the Battleriff platform – introducing,
among other features, Ladders and Quickplay. Heading into 2017 Battleriff has lots in the pipe line that
will attract players, enhance player experience and contribute to business progress. The updated
platform will serve as a basis for future technical and commercial development and is easily adoptable
to include new games. The inauguration of the platform update is a significant milestone and
represents the largest single tech enlargement so far.

The latest months have been spent on testing and evaluating various marketing measures aiming at boosting the Company´s KPI figures. The outcome so far looks most promising and Battleriff looks forward to an exciting development during the coming year.

Included in the latest platform release are the following features & updates:

  • Improved game lobby design.
  • Introducing Event ladders.
  • Introducing Quick Play.
  • New Event’s overview page.
  • Display recently active players in Lobby.
  • New “transactions” view for users.
  • Player preview stats cards.

Introducing Quickplay

A brand new feature which lets you get into a game as quick and easy as possible. Simply hit the
“Quickplay” button and Battleriff will match you with an opponent as soon as there is one available.
Quickplay uses our most famous Hearthstone ruleset: Best of 1, Standard mode.

Introducing Ladders

Battleriff is now featuring ladder events ranging from daily ladders to weekend ladders stretching over
several days with awesome prizes. In these events, you are only playing against other opponents
participating in the same ladder as you. The rankings in ladders are determined by “ladder score” which
is calculated by your wins, losses and the difference in score between you and your opponent.
When you play in a Ladder those wins count towards BOTH that individual Ladder but also towards the
“Weekly Leaderboard” and of course your global profile of played games.

Anti-Fraud Improvements

The Battleriff team is always closely monitoring any suspicious activity as we want to prevent any unfair
play in our competitions (Including Match Fixing & Win Trading). With the latest release, we have
implemented new ways which makes the process easier and faster for us to detect and ban these

Events History

You can now view all past events via the “Events” tab. You will be able to see all winners of previous
events presented here.