November 11, 2017 Press Release

Red Reserve launches ”Europe’s most promising Counter-Strike Team” for the upcoming season

Gothenburg based e-sports company Red Reserve, which recently was acquired by Battleriff Gaming AB, has recruited its new Counter-Strike team for the upcoming season.

Our team is young and extremely talented. Within short we will be able to challenge the best teams in Europe in the big tournaments with the large price pools, comments Patrik Andersson, CEO Red Reserve.

The new Red Reserve teams first real appearance will be the qualification for DreamHack. Dreamhack will be held in Jönköping 1 – 3 December 2017. More than 250 teams will qualify for the prestigious participation in Jönköping. – We have good chances to become one of the eight teams that will advance to a closed qualification where the winner takes a place in Jönköping. We will now boot camp in Gothenburg and train intensively for the qualification with the focus of reaching a top placement, says Patrik Andersson. Esports continuous to grow, more sponsors enter the scene and the larger tournaments are streamed by millions of viewers. Price pools reaching millions of USD are not uncommon. – Red Reserve is a very strong brand within esports. The interest from sponsors and other partners has increased considerably during the past months, says Patrik Andersson. As of November, Battleriff will add Call of Duty to its virtual esports arena. This will generate synergies between Red Reserve´s international successes and Battleriff´s virtual esports arena. – We can see a lot of competitive advantages and synergies between Red Reserve and Battleriffs virtual esports arena. Battleriff and Red Reserve finance themselves on their own merits. Battleriff through subscribing users all over the world and Red Reserve through price money, player transfers, sponsors and merchandise. All together, we can conclude that both entities are working well, and we have great expectations for the coming year, says Torbjörn Vinsell CEO of Battleriff. Battleriff Gaming AB acquired Red Reserve AB in September for 6 million SEK. Red Reserve is a well-established brand within esports. Red Reserve has professional teams in CS (Counter-Strike), COD (Call of Duty), FIFA and Gears of War. Red Reserve also operates a “Gaming House” in Florida with six contracted You/Tubers/Content Providers who on full time produce and distribute esports and COD related content through You Tube, Twitter, Instagram and other social media where they have millions of followers. Red Reserves CS team, season 2017-2018: Daniel “djL” Narancic, age 23. Joakim “Relaxa” Gustafsson, age 24. Fredrik “FREDDyFROG” Gustafsson, age 24, Linus “Bååten” Andersson, age 18. Niclas “PlesseN” Plessen, age 19.


Battleriff is a virtual arena focusing on esports. Like Netflix and Spotify Battleriff offers their subscribing members entertaining content however with the added dimension of interactivity. Battleriff consolidates professionals, and streamers with casual gamers and delivers interactive esports entertainment such as ladders and wagers. Red Reserve´s integration with Battleriff offers a widened product towards sponsors who now can be exposed in both a virtual and physical environment. Battleriff’s ownership group includes a variety of Swedish capital. At the forefront is Jonas Sjögren, owner of Swedish audiobook company Storytel, as well as Optinator, a venture capital company that is also based in Gothenburg. Sjögren and Optinator are joined by real estate company CA Fastigheter coowner Magnus Claesson and Marcus Fransson, co-owner of the fishing app Fishbrain.


For more information:

Torbjörn Vinsell, CEO Battleriff, +46 (0)709 39 58 08,

Patrik Andersson, CEO Red Reserve, +46 (0)769-47 73 66,

Lars Sjögrell, press officer Battleriff, +46 (0)702-69 53 00,,,