Battleriff 2.0

Battleriff is the virtual esports arena where you supercharge your gaming experience. The arena where you put your gaming skills to the test and improve your level of play. Providing a complete experience Battleriff includes entertaining content in addition to competitive ladders. A place where Pros, Streamers and Fans come together.

Take part, be active, showcase your progress and be rewarded while doing so. Earn Battle Points (BP) through competiting on the platform and exchange them for various e-sports related prizes (From esports merchandise to hardware, and everything in-between). Compete in both competitive and casual ladders with other online players and pros, engage with streamers and enjoy the euphoric e-sports atmosphere that dedicated gamers know to appreciate. Your achievements and ranking and will be tracked and showcased as proof of your ability and skill.

Begin your experience by entering our free-to-play ladders. When you feel confident and trust your skills you can upgrade to a premium membership where you gain access to all the exclusive features.

Battleriff is a virtual esports arena dedicated to skill based esports games. No gambling, only skill-based competition and unique, tailored-made esports entertainment incorporating the DNA of the rapid growing communities of premier esports titles.