Business Concept


The video gaming market has grown to an unprecedented size with a turnover expected to exceed $107 (Billion per year) in 2017. There are more than 1.7 billion gamers in the world (that’s five times bigger than soccer) of which 800 million play online and nearly 300 million engage in competitive gaming (esports).

The Problem

Esports has been a strong driver behind the substantial growth in the gaming sector for professional gamers who can earn a good living playing their trade. There is, however, a gap between regular gaming and major league play or tournaments.

Amateur gamers, whether they aspire to play professionally or not, do not reap the monetary nor tangible rewards of this massive market, though they often commit large portions of their time playing. They may be motivated by their passion for the game or by the allure of turning pro, but they will find it difficult to justify spending the time required: There is no lucrative reward or feeling of progression.

On the other side of the spectrum, pro gamers find it hard to justify taking the time to play anyone who’s not on their skill level – unless there is a worthy incentive for them to do so.

The Solution

Battleriff targets gamers online with the aim of making competitive ladders for rewards mainstream. Allowing gamers to match their skills against their peers on a global scale.

We reward passionate gaming by developing a virtual esports arena for online gamers where they can develop their skills, compete in ladders for various rewards and engage in gaming entertainment. Secure, simple, trustworthy and integrated.”

Combining the hugely popular online gaming scene with head-to-head ladders for rewards enables a new market segment to form. The Battleriff platform bridges the gap between amateur and pro players, allowing gamers of all skill levels to monetise on their passion. Battleriff has a great ”first mover” advantage in this area.