About us

We are Battleriff Group

The Battleriff Group is part of the fast growing esports market and consists of two esports related activities and business concepts in the form of Battleriff Gaming AB and Red Reserve AB. Each company represents an interesting business concept on its own merits but has also obvious synergy advantages by being under the same ownership umbrella. Both brands are well established in the international esports world.

Battleriff Gaming AB is a virtual esports platform where gamers can enhance their gaming experience in various ways. The platform can host most types of esport games, both PC and Console, and is above all scalable volume wise. It represents state of the art technology with integrated machine learning AI. User contacts are handled by Battleriff´s support team covering all important time zones. Besides from Hearthstone, the platform already hosts the games Smite, FIFA 18 and recently added Call of Duty. Battleriff is a freemium service, offering both free and paid memberships. All activities and wins are rewarded with Riffpoints. The more you play your favourite games the more Riffpoints you earn. Riffpoints can be used on Battleriff´s marketplace which exposes gamecards and other esports related merchandise. Battleriff has about 60 000 registered users. The games played on the Battleriff platform are purely skill based and do not involve wagering with real money which eliminates licensing or other Governmental compliance.

Red Reserve AB is a well-known brand within esports. Red Reserve features teams across four different games, including CS:GO, Call of Duty (COD), Gears of War, and FIFA 18. Red Reserve´s COD team won the European championship 2017. COD is one of the most popular console esports games with multi millions of users. For the 2018 season, Red Reserve has recruited a very strong COD team consisting of some of Europe´s top ranked players. Red Reserve´s CS:GO team is a new set up containing some of Europe’s most talented players. The Gears of War team has been successful during the 2017 with many top placements. The FIFA player “RalleGnaget” won 2017 Gothia eCup FIFA tournament which was arranged parallel to the international soccer tournament Gothia Cup. Besides owning and managing professional esports teams Red Reserve has a gaming house in Florida populated by 5 “YouTubers/Content Providers” who on full time produce and distribute esports related content on various social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. They are very popular with millions reach on social media. Red Reserves management has 15 years of experience within the esports industry. Red Reserve´s income streams consit of sponsorships, adds, price money, transfer fees and merchandise.

Battleriff Group – Company Synergies

The introduction of new games assumes a strong anchorage in the connected gaming community which is facilitated by Red Reserve being active in the new games. Battleriff´s recent introduction of Call of Duty was facilitated by Red Reserve´s strong position within the game and the gaming community. Battleriff will also contribute to making Red Reserve still more attractive among sponsors since they now also can be exposed on the Battleriff platform with branded ladders, tournaments and banners.