About us

We are Battleriff Gaming AB

Battleriff is a virtual esports platform where gamers can enhance their gaming experience in various ways. The platform can host most types of esport games, both PC and Console, and is above all scalable volume wise. It represents state of the art technology with integrated machine learning AI. User contacts are handled by Battleriff´s support team covering all important time zones. Presently the platform is focused towards the game Hearthstone which is a very popular card game with more than 100 million sign ups. The platform is well suited for digital card games and will successively expand into new similar type of games as for example Artifact that will be launched in November 2018. Battleriff is a freemium service, offering both free and paid memberships. All activities and wins are rewarded with Riffpoints. The more you play your favourite games the more Riffpoints you earn. Riffpoints can be used on Battleriff´s marketplace which exposes gamecards and other esports related merchandise. Battleriff has about 60 000 registered users. The games played on the Battleriff platform are purely skill based and do not involve wagering with real money which eliminates licensing or other Governmental compliance.