About us

Our mission

Our mission is to build a secure, entertaining and attractive platform for competitive play that incorporates the DNA of the gaming & esports culture. Something all gamers will love to use, pro and amateur alike.

Our vision

Our vision is to lead the development of a new dimension in online gaming. We aim to empower players of all skill levels to monetise and grow their passion. Making competitive ladders for prize money a part of the gaming DNA, filling the gap between tournament leagues and random multiplayer games.

The Company

Battleriff Gaming AB is a Swedish limited company registered in April 2014. The company´s registration number with the Swedish Companies Registration Office is 556967-6082.

The authorised share capital is 113 000 SEK and the number of shares is 5 668 649. Presently Battleriff has 99 shareholders.

Battleriff will form a 100% owned subsidiary in Malta, complying to applicable Malta regulations including the Lotteries and Other Games Act Chapter 438 of the Laws of Malta and the Remote Gaming Regulations S.L. 438.04 of the Laws of Malta.

Battleriff Entertainment AB (formerly Swecup) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Battleriff Gaming AB.

The Product

Our product, Battleriff, is an internet service that gives gamers of all skill levels the opportunity to develop their skill and compete through competitive ladders in popular online games for prize money. e.g. Hearthstone, FIFA17, CSGO etc.

The value proposition is aimed at players looking to solve the problem where they’re trying to find the motivation (whether internal or external) to spend the time needed to develop their gaming skills. Aswell as filling the void of engaging competitive entertainment, both as a player and spectator.

Battleriff is not a game operator nor a game publisher. Battleriff acts as a fiduciary helping gamers to challenge each other for real money. Challenges made on the Battleriff platform do not constitute gambling as they are based on skill as opposed to chance.